Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Man to Man - let's talk

Mike Buckley, who lives in Radnorshire, tells us more about the mens’ group which he organises which meets monthly in Llandrindod Wells.

Why did you decide to start the Man to Man group?
Men tend to find it more difficult to talk about the issues which they encounter in life. The group was formed to provide a place where men can be themselves fully without fear of being judged and to discuss things like anxiety, shame, self worth as well as happiness and joy.

What has been the response to the meetings so far?

Only a few people attend so far and I think it will grow by word of mouth. Those that have come to the first three meetings have responded in a really heartfelt way. One person went away after a meeting and wrote a piece describing an encounter in his past, which we then discussed at the next meeting.

Who can join the group?
Any males over 18. Anyone who wants to drop in. There is no course as such so someone can join at any stage.

When is your next meeting?
Our next meeting is on Thursday 30th January from 7.00 to 8.30 at The Court, Lant Avenue, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5HY.

Tell us a bit about what will happen at the meeting
At this meeting there will be two ten minute periods of sitting in silence with guidance. The topic for the evening is identity. We will explore who we think we are and from where we derive our sense of identity. This will include looking at areas where our sense of self comes under question and how that makes us feel.

What plans do you have for future meetings?
The January meeting is the beginning place for a discussion which will span the next few meetings. We will go on to look at the viewpoint from which we look out at life and discuss how we come to hold our opinions and attitudes. We could for example look at what happens in an argument where two people disagree about any given thing. The group will be asked to consider whether the story about who 'I' am is completely related to the past and to a life story, and what happens to this 'I' in the present moment.

The value of all this will hopefully be felt when the discussion spills into the sense of self-worth, which is a topic we have already heard in the group. It is central to how a person feels about themselves and most people doubt their value to some degree or other.

At the next meeting we will also listen to about 10 minutes of a talk by Eckhart Tolle which neatly addresses the above points.

If people want to find out more, who can they contact?
People can call me on 07866 497 604.

Thanks Mike, for telling us more about the group. If you have ever been along to a men's group either in Powys or elsewhere, let us know your experiences.

Look out for dates of future meetings on our website here.

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  1. Great blog! I recently listened to Jeremy Vine (BBC Radio 2) interviewing Dr Tim Cantopher, a Consultant Psychiatrist who was talking about men's mental wellbeing and the pressure of modern life, see link here (time limited):
    Jeremy Vine Radio 2 programme
    Interesting listening!