Monday, 21 March 2016

Thrive at Mid Powys Mind

This week our guest post is by Mary Williams 
the Development Manager at Mid Powys Mind.

Mid Powys Mind is very excited to have trained in THRIVE, which is a non-medical course looking at recovery not just from mental health problems, but from any difficult period in life. It was developed by Marion Aslan of Elemental Wellbeing.

THRIVE stands for Time, Healing, Resilience, Interdependence, Vivacity and Emancipation. 

The course uses a huge range of tools from various sources (person centred planning, counselling, psychology etc) to help people move forward, recover and thrive again. 

The course also doubles up as a staff training tool, to enable staff to use THRIVE principles and tools within their work.

THRIVE covers

Safe ways to take a balanced look at our lives so far, the important factors that can affect us over time including turning points, telling your story, timelines and tools to help people move forward.

Ways in which people survive and heal from difficult experiences and important factors that help and hinder this process. 

Looking at tools to help you build your resilience and manage difficult emotions.

There is sometimes too much emphasis within services placed on people acquiring independent living skills without exploring and acknowledging the need for social skills and connections. This module looks at the importance of that, what those relationships could look like and where you might find them.

Going beyond ‘getting through the day’ to really enjoying life - thriving.

What it might be like to be free from mental health services and the trauma of difficult life experiences?

All the staff and two of our volunteers attended ten very intensive days of training in October last year. Below are some extracts from the evaluations:

“I really love the material and ethos of THRIVE – it is similar to the way I have tried to work – it certainly has the same values base – which is the key thing, I think, in all of this.”

“…come out the other side with so much more insight and understanding to be able to understand the experiences that I had gone through and the trials that lay ahead of me.”

“I feel so much more stronger and capable to take whatever comes and do it with the strength that I have always had but didn’t recognise.”

“More challenging than other recovery centred courses. More reflective, and ultimately more optimistic.”

“I think this is going to be really useful.”

We are all using some of the training and tools in our work and as you can tell from the evaluations, we all got a lot from it personally too. 

We have been busy developing our own THRIVE course for members and have just started delivery of that. We have plans to deliver another course in June and later in the year.

You can find out more about Mid Powys Mind on the charity's website. Mary Williams can be contacted by tel: 01597 824411 or emailing:

The next Mid Powys Mind THRIVE 4 week course starts on 6 June 2016. 1 - 4pm at The Resource Centre, Mid Powys Mind, Llandrindod Wells.

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