Monday, 15 October 2012

1992-2012 20 Years of Global Mental Health Advocacy

See below for the article by the World Federation for Mental Health about World Mental Health Day:

The survival of any movement or cause is the power it has behind it.   Advocacy is described as the speaking, writing or acting in support of something.  It is action to create change.  
20 years ago Richard Hunter, Deputy Secretary General of the World Federation for Mental Health, came up with an idea to help bring more attention to the global plight of mental health issues – an official day of recognition – World Mental Health Day.  Since 1992 we have seen a simple idea explode into a yearly, world-wide celebration of grassroots advocacy.  World Mental Health Day started with one person’s dream to make a difference and became the world’s best advocacy for mental health reform. 
Today, on our 20th Anniversary - we want to create an extra special WMHDAY!   We need your help to make this happen!  Join us in creating a wave of activity today.  Lets show the world we are unified and powerful and capable of making a huge splash!
You can show your support by joining in the following.....
Go to our website and download the 2012 material today:
Help support the mission of the WFMH and the future of the WMHDAY project by sending us a donation today: 
Visit and "like" us on FACEBOOK today:
Join us on TWITTER today:!/WFMHDC

THIS is the time to show your support!   After 20 years of supporting thousands of people by bringing them WMHDAY  -- we need your voice, your support and your dedication to help us bring another 20 years of mental health advocacy to the world!
Thank you and have a great WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY!

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