Monday, 13 June 2016

Janet Rogers is awarded an MBE in the Queen's birthday honours list

It's almost two years ago now since Jan Rogers wrote about her experience as a member of the Expert Reference Group reviewing the Mental Health Act (1983) - Code of Practice in England.

This weekend I was delighted to discover that Jan had been awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2016 (page 78 of the Prime Minister's List) for her contribution as a member of this Expert Reference Group and to mental health generally. 

Nicky Morris, Ponthafren Association Manager, tells us more:

Janet Rogers is a volunteer and trustee at Ponthafren Association.

Ponthafren provides a unique blend of services to address the mental health needs of its members and the citizens of Montgomeryshire in North Powys. 

Within the core funded service, Ponthafren has developed two main centres in Montgomeryshire, at Newtown and Welshpool, with a satellite provision in Llanidloes in the form of a group which meets weekly on a Thursday. The centres provide a drop-in facility that gives people experiencing mental health difficulties opportunities to find: a ‘safe place’, peer support, crisis support, and access to a wide range of learning and work related opportunities. 

The service provides a Wellness, Learning and Recovery Centre which enables people with mental health problems, families, carers, staff from mental health service providers and people from partner agencies to attend courses. The ethos of these centres is that they are open to everyone and we do not turn away anyone who has an interest in attending. Mental health issues can affect us all at any time; it’s about being able to support people in whatever way they want, at whatever stage of their recovery journey they are at.

In addition to the core service, Ponthafren has developed a range of services including: counselling, outreach support, 1:1 personal support & planning scheme, health and wellbeing, and a young persons' initiative.

Jan Rogers said: “I must admit it was completely unexpected! I’m honoured to be getting an MBE and very grateful to the person who nominated me. I’m passionate about mental health and getting people's voices heard, because it allows me to make a positive difference to people’s lives. The MBE is for the work I did on The Expert Reference Group, headed by Dr Nicola Guy. We met at the head office of the Department of Health in London, this was over a period of about 14 months. The group consisted of people who used services and carers. We reviewed parts of the Mental Health Code of Practice of England. 

"Having experienced mental health issues for a long time, it was a journey within my recovery that I will never forget. I was very honoured to have been chosen to sit on the group. The way that it came about was -  I started volunteering at Ponthafren Association, with the PR group, took an information stall along to a Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations event, from there gave talks to Dyfed Powys Police and other front line services and PAVO put my name forward for the EXPERT REFERENCE GROUP’’.

Peter Bayliss, Chairperson of the Association said: “We are all immensely proud of Jan, her contribution to Ponthafren Association, and the success and significance of her charitable work is inspiring. Importantly, she is a fantastic role model for the next generation, showing clearly how what we do can have a tangible impact on people’s lives.”

Huge congratulations to Jan from all of us here in the mental health team at PAVO!


  1. I'm totally stunned and shocked at all this and feeling very humble. But my joy is that I now know for sure that bodies at the top do genuinely want our opinion. We must stop saying, as I have in the past, "oh what's the point of going and saying anything as things will never change", if we don't use the platforms provided to us by organisations like Ponthafren and PAVO to get our voices heard then things will never change. I for one am so grateful for the opportunity. Thankyou.

    1. Hi Jan

      Great to hear from you - the MBE is SO well-deserved! And how absolutely right you are about using those platforms provided to us. Just this past week I have been in meetings with Powys Teaching Health Board about their plans for Continuous Engagement, and next week there starts a new Engage for Change group which will give us the opportunity to feed in the views of people gathered through our Comic Relief project Standing up for emotional health and wellbeing. If anyone is interested in getting involved in any way then I would encourage them to get in touch by ringing 01597 822191 and asking to speak to a member of our mental health team. You can also email

      Thanks so much for commenting.