Friday, 9 November 2012

What you said about the Powys Vision for Mental Health

In an earlier post I spoke about the consultation work that my colleague Freda Lacey and Eleanor Barrow from Powys Mental Health Alliance had done around the draft Powys Vision for Mental Health.

Well - people turned up to the events that were organised and spoke passionately about their views on mental health services. They told their personal stories, spoke about what worked and what didn't, about changes they would like to see, and the gaps in service provision (such as an out-of-hours service in the North of the county).  They raised other issues such as benefits, transport, and housing, for example, and explained how these also impacted on their lives and their ability to recover from mental distress.

"The key message from ..... across Powys is that people keep saying the same things. Overwhelmingly, the voice of individuals across Powys is, "HOW? How are the aims of the "Vision" going to be translated into tangible results? How is Powys teaching Health Board going to provide services as close to home as possible, out of hours/crisis support, enable people to build up their personal power and strength in relation to their mental well-being, learn what individual recovery means, receive the information, support and services they need?"
You can download and read the full report here.

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