Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"Happiness survey" out today

So, how happy is Powys? Not quite as happy as the neighbouring counties of Ceredigion and Shropshire, it seems, but nearly. Prime Minister David Cameron is keen to find out how happy we all are, and this Office of National Statistics' survey got round to asking 200,000 people this time.

The question is, have Powys residents become slightly unhappier over the last 4 years? I recall a different survey done in 2008, (by the universities of Manchester and Sheffield), which announced that Powys was the happiest place to live in the UK. 

But only 500 people were surveyed that time round…  maybe just the happy ones… statistics are funny things after all. But, the important thing about today’s survey, I think, is that it is part of the UK Government’s “wellbeing agenda”.  Each local authority can consider the results, compare and contrast, and perhaps look at policy accordingly. That’s the idea anyway. 

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